peruvian distilled gin

Because Peru is more than Pisco...

Investigating the natural resources of Peru for our first Premium Gin, as passionate ginthusiastics we came to the point where we asked ourselves: why should we follow in the footsteps of others and take the well-trodden road of making a traditional Gin like everywhere else in the world, why not break new ground and explore completely new territory? Why should we use ordinary grain alcohol if our country produces one of the best sugar cane alcohols in the world. Why should we rely on Botanicals that are commonly used in any Gin in the world if we can choose from the Garden Eden of Peru?

That was the moment when GIN’CA was born, the first Premium Gin in the world based on peruvian sugar cane alcohol and made exclusively with Peruvian Botanicals.

But not only the alcoholic basis and the Botanicals are truly Peruvian, also the use of pure spring water from the Andes originating 5,000 meters above sea level makes GIN'CA unique. Five times distilled in a German copper column still, each bottle of GIN'CA contains the pure, highly concentrated taste of Peru.

Ten carefully selected botanicals from organic farming confer to our GIN'CA spectacular and unknown aromas. Except for the juniper berries which do not grow in southern hemisphere regions, our Botanicals come from the Amazon rainforest, the Andes and the coast around Lima representing the high-contrast multifaceted landscape of Peru. The bouquet of GIN'CA is delicate and elegant on the nose with intense citric and spicy notes.

GIN'CA is soft and mellow in the mouth with a long refreshing finish. The citric quality of the sweet Lima marry beautifully the fiery pepper notes of the pink-coloured molle, the corn of the Peruvian Pepper Tree. The balanced combination of fruity and herbal aromas with the unmistakable flavor of the juniper berries add to the sophisticated complexity of GIN'CA. Its characteristic and distinct taste, refreshing lightness and pleasant mildness makes makes GIN'CA an unforgettable pleasure not only of Gin lovers but for everyone.

Bottle 70cl. Alcoholic strength 40,5% Vol.


peruvian distilled gin

GIN´CA is the first peruvian ultra premium gin 4 times distilled with the purest sugar cane spirit and 11 fresh and natural peruvian botanicals from small local producers.


rare amazonian distilled gin

Amazonian Gin Company is a 100 % natural distilled ultra premium gin. We only use 100% fresh amazonian botanicals grown and harvested by small local producers that sails 2 hours trough the Amazon river to harvest the fruits.