what makes us special

When we started this adventure, we knew that we had to put all eggs in one basket to realize our dreams. But we were also aware of the fact that our full commitment and our willingness to work hard to let things come true are not enough to survive on a pretty competitive market.

We therefore thought about things that make us stick to a brand or a product. We realized that besides the guarantee of highest quality and fantastic tasting experiences there is one thing of utmost importance to us: authentic credibility. Thinking about trustworthiness we established a series of laws and ways of good practice to which we firmly hold on to.
With this in mind we started looking for suitable premises to house our friend COOPER and create a place that we love as much as the work we do. It was quite difficult to find a location in Lima according to the governmental requirements and our own desiderata. Finally, we found an old machine factory, pulled down the interior, renovated and refurbished starting from scratch and gave our new construction a contemporary coat of Peruvian paint using timber from the Amazonian Jungle region around Pucallpa, cement from the Anden, furniture common in the North of Peru and curtains and sofas from Gamarra, the textile hub of district La Victoria in Lima.

Our distillery is designed as a multipurpose space that incorporates a production area for the maceration and fermentation of our spirits, an area for ​​packaging and labeling, technical areas, an office and our warehouse. At the same time, we wanted our distillery to be a venue for teaching and sharing knowledge with other people, be that mixologists, bartenders, students of gastronomy or engineering, gastronomers or the interested public. And of course, an atmospheric spot for our guests to taste our distillates.

In a nuthsell, we wanted to avoid creating a impersonally soulless industrial space and after almost three years of work, our efforts were rewarded.

We love working in THE INCA DISTILLERY.


the excellence

If we want to develop the best spirits, everything around should be also excellent: from the botanicals we use and the best available German engineering to the design and beauty of our distillery. From the best packaging and the design details to our honest intention to provide the best gin´s to our customers. From the moral values of the people working for THE INCA DISTILLERY to our carefully chosen partners that share our philosophy.


each spirit is unique

One of our highest principle is that each bottle is unique. Also every batch we produce is unique and slightly different from the ones before, because we only use natural ingredientes. Depending on weather conditions and other environmental influences the mature conditions, like sugar, vitamins or water of our raw materials and the aromas may vary from season to season. But this is not affecting the balance of our spirits at all. In order to garantee that, every single bottle is controlled by our master distiller for its exquisiteness and signed by hand.


the technology

We knew from the start that we could only get the finest spirits with the best available technology and engineering. Each part of the still, the tank and all machines involved in the development of our gin´s should be manufactured for us. In one of the oldest manufacturers of stills in the world, the German company CARL, we found a perfect cooperation partner able to adapt his profound experience to our needs. And we finally got one of the best columnstills on the market, our COPPER, allowing us to achieve our dreams.


enjoy & share

We wanted The Inca Distillery to be an open, friendly and enjoyable place to share creative ideas with other people. A meeting point where our friends, mixologists, sommeliers, fellow distillers and the customers could learn new things and discuss, a place where people could participate in the processes in an active way and get involved in the wonderful world of craft spirits. Teaching and sharing knowledge is a fundamental pillar of our philosophy.