made in germany

THE INCA DISTILLERY is very proud to have Cooper as a friend and team member in our midst.

Copper has a hard shell but a soft core. With his strong copper body of 4 mm, a magnificent rectification column with 4 plates and a cutting edge reflux condenser he leaves nothing to be desired. He keeps on amazing us with his versatile nature and patient cooperation during highly creative experimental processes.

That is why we do not regard him merely as a mean to an end, Copper is more than that: He is brilliant, elegant, extremely sophisticated and particularly designed piece by piece for the THE INCA DISTILLERY by CARL in Germany, one of the oldest and most reputed manufacturer for stills in the world.

Cooper is a beautiful, radiant and aesthetic high performance distillator unique throughout Peru, a genuine work of art.


our formula


soft is better

COOPER is heated with gas and a bath of water to avoid that the liquid inside comes into contact with direct heating. During the distillation process we keep a constant temperature from the beginning to the end. That helps us to keep the finest aromas and flavors.


1 day 1 night

A part of our Botanicals are macerated for 1 day and 1 night in stainless steel tanks with pure sugar cane spirit from Trujillo to extract their finest essential oils. Other Botanicals are added at a later point during the process of distillation.


precision = quality

The distillation process is a meticulous process in which every single phase is precisely controlled. The column of COOPER with its 4 individually adjustable plates helps us to obtain spirits of the highest purity and quality with alcohol levels of more than 95°. It also allows us to exactly separate any unpleasant aroma.


infusion and hydration

Part of our Botanicals are steam infused during the distillation to protect them from direct contact with hot liquids and to easy extract the finest essential oils. We dilute our spirits with the purest andean demineralized water to avoid undesireable modifications of the aroma. Finally, we let our distillate rest for at least 20 days before bottling.